What is Telehealth and How Can I Take Advantage of it?


More Benefits of Telehealth Services

Virtual Healthcare Through United Methodist Communities

  • Wearable patches that monitor vitals like heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature. The real-time data from the patches is transmitted to a secure smartphone app, where clinical associates can track it and be alerted to any changes.
  • Two-way live video conferences that connect patients to onsite staff, primary physicians, specialists, and other healthcare providers anywhere in the country. These live video calls also keep our residents connected to their family members, which provides great emotional support when in-person visitation isn’t possible.
  • Fall prevention technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) motion analysis predicts when a resident intends to leave their bed or chair, 31 to 65 seconds before they get up. Alerts are then sent to the monitoring associates on the floor to detect and prevent falls.



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